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deathink's Journal

Death, ink
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Welcome to deathink, a community for fanfic based on the worlds of Laurell K. Hamilton.

This is partly inspired by a challenge thrown down in lkh_lashouts to write a fic that kills a character in either the AB:VH or MG worlds, and in part because there's nothing really to cater for the LKH ficcers on LJ.

Death and ink.
Death, Inc.

The rules: (subject to change at any time, and all members will be subject to these rules whether they read this or not)

1. Any and all fic is accepted - Gen, het, slash, crack, crossover, snark. Go nuts.

2. Spoilers and anything longer than 100 words should go behind an lj-cut. Learn it, love it, it is your friend.

3. Please make sure your fic at the very least has been spell checked. Spelling and grammar go a long way toward readability. So does the use of paragraphs, so try to avoid using huge blocks of text.

If English is your second language, just ask for a beta, and failing any response, contact me.

4. Constructive criticism is most welcome! aka. OMG, don't flame or other stupid infantile things.

5. All fics must pertain to LKH's work - Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter and the Merry Gentry series are probably the most well known, but she's also written a sci-fi novel called Nightseer.

6. No link pimping. We're here to read fic, not see that you've got a new RPG.

7. All fic should follow this basic format:

Rating: (please refer to rating system below)
Spoilers: (if applicable)
Characters/Pairings: (if applicable)
Warnings: (if applicable)
A/N: Optional
Post your fic here under an lj-cut, fake lj-cut or URL here.

Rating System
G - All Ages.
PG - One or two naughty words.
PG-13 - Mild swearing and violence.
R - Mild to Strong swearing and violence. Up to medium sexual themes.
NC-17 - Very strong swearing/violence/sexual themes.

Disclaimer: All characters - living, dead, and undead - and settings belong to Laurell K. Hamilton, unless otherwise specified. Characters and settings from in crossovers belong to their creators. Original characters and settings are the sole property of the authors and may not be used without permission.

We write here for entertainment, not profit.

Fics will be listed by characters in the tags, and archived by author in the memories.

killherdarlings - For snark-specific fic.
lkh_lashouts - The home of LKH snarking.

Moderated by: dwg