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06 October 2008 @ 08:08 pm
Earthly Delights  
By now, you know the ratings, title, etc., right?

Back in St. Louis, the boys were still having a grand old time in the absence of the harem-master. As Jason walked through the kitchen clad in nothing but blue jeans, which he was going completely commando under, Nathaniel, who was gabbing on the phone to someone, put his hand over the receiver to call to the werewolf.

“Jason! Oh, Jason! Just the pomme-puppy I wanted to see! Jason, baby, are you free today?”

Jason grinned. “Free? Hmmm….yeah, for you, I guess there’s no charge, Nate. What can I do to, I mean, for you?”

Nathaniel giggled. “I’ve got a friend on the phone here; he wants to meet us for shopping!”

Jason’s grin disappeared. He knew that Nathaniel was pretty much a teenage girl trapped in a penis-wielding, panther-shifting body, but shopping? He could dress himself up in a pink miniskirt and tube top and prance around Limited Too looking for lip gloss for all Jason cared, he just didn’t want to be involved. Taking note of Jason’s grimace, Nathaniel continued.

“Don’t worry, Jason, it’s shopping for thing’s you’ll like. Can you say black spandex? PVC codpieces? Collars with BITCH or KITTEN or CUNT SLAVE engraved in the tight, tight leather?”

Jason’s grin lit back up brighter than ever. “Oh, Natty-boy, why didn’t you say so?”

Nathaniel squealed, the phone still in his hands as he jumped up and down. “So, you’re in?”

“Like Micah in the Doom Crotch!”


“So, who are we meeting?” asked Jason as they walked along the sidewalk, passing by the shops, with Nathaniel glancing occasionally at the more effeminate of wares.

“I told you, it’s a surprise!”

“Oh, come on…who is it? One of the pard? Cherry, maybe? I haven’t seen her in forever.”

“Duh, she’s female; you know Anita won’t let her near us! The Doom Crotch hates competition. Anyway, no, it’s not Cherry, or anybody in the pard. Guess again!”

“Ooooh, did the super-sub just give me a command? Okay, it’s somebody you know, so they’re doubtlessly kinky…”


“Well, I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Yes,” Nathaniel pouted. “But only because I’m cooped up all day in the house cooking for Anita and darning her socks and washing her underwear, which is a day’s work in itself! I don’t have time to meet new people, all I know is people from my old days.”

“Rox-a-a-a-a--anne!” Jason sang mockingly in regards to his friend’s former profession. “You don’t have to put on the red light! Put on the were-bite! You don’t have to wear that dress tonight!”

“Now you’re getting warmer!”


A moment later, Jason realized what Nathaniel meant when he saw the person who was clearly waiting for them. Dressed in a sleeveless little black dress, strappy high-heeled black sandals with rhinestones, silver bracelets from which spikes dangled in dangerous elegance over opera-length gloves, a spiked leather collar, and several ropes of pearls, looking sinfully divine as always, was Narcissus. Nathaniel squealed and ran towards the werehyena, who greeted the boy with a slap in the face. Since Nathaniel was still running when the blow hit, he careened off course and slammed flat against a glass display window.

“You’d better not have broke his nose!” Jason had caught up. “Anita would have a fit if he got any imperfections!”

“Well, hello to you, too,” said Narcissus, gracefully extending a black-gloved hand. “Jason Schuyler, I presume? Dear Jean-Claude’s pomme de sang? My, such an…enviable position.”

Jason looked down at the offered hand. “Hey, do you expect me to kiss that? ‘Cause if you do, then I’ve got something for YOU to kiss, mister…er, miss?”

“Narcissus works fine,” the Oba cooed back through his perfectly applied lipstick. Nathaniel, meanwhile, had removed himself from the glass and looked ecstatic at the painful greeting he had been treated to. Narcissus knew how to treat an emotionally stunted boy-man, all right, yessirree!

“We’re gonna have so much fun! Mistress Narci knows all the best places to get new toys!”

For this, Nathaniel was rewarded with another blow, in public no less, and an admonishment from the hyena leader.

“I am not just your mistress, I am your queen!”

“Queen!” echoed Nathaniel. “I bow to my queen!”

“Yeeeah, don’t let Anita hear you say that,” said Jason, hooking his thumbs into the belt loops of his jeans as the odd trio walked down the sidewalk, enduring and enjoying many stares. “She’s the only queen around here, at least in her mind. And, hey, she has a point. She’s ruling over the wolves, the leopards, and she’s tied to the swans, the rats, the lions, the hyenas…”

“Just as long as she doesn’t get any ideas about taking over us!” snapped Narcissus. “If she thinks she can add Oba to her list of titles, she’s going to have one stylish stiletto stuck up her cheap ass in a second!”

“Yeah, I’d watch your back,” advised Jason. “Your clan is made up of hot gay men; I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to turn any yet.”

Narcissus shuddered. “Anyone who considers me a freak and a sex demon really needs to meet that witch some time. I’m so glad she’s out of town, darlings, we can actually get to know each other! Nathaniel here and I met due to…similar interests.” He giggled a bit. “I’m sure you can imagine.”

“Oh, I am imagining,” said Jason with a lecherous grin. “And I like it.”

With that, he reached over and gave Narcissus’s ass a good, appreciative squeeze. The Oba let out a gasp that was part enjoyment, part mocking ladylike shock. He swatted at Jason, chiding him. “You dare lay a hand on an innocent damsel like myself?!”

“Rarwr! That’s the best type!”

They progressed to the subway, where they took a train. Some rather gangster-looking fellows couldn’t seem to take their eyes off Narcissus, but not in the good way. This was tolerated, until they opened their mouths and began approaching the three therianthropes. Narcissus dealt with this impertinence in a quick manner that was, unfortunately, so messy and unladylike that the description shall be spared for his vanity. Let’s just say that as he was getting off the train with Jason and Nathaniel, he was delicately licking the blood off his fingertips before he pulled his delightful, long satin gloves back on.

The boys had a WONDERFUL time shopping. Especially in the dressing rooms.